Top Bridge Park offers nature trails

Top Bridge Park offers nature trails

Top Bridge Park has a network of winding trails that run along the Englishman River and through the forest.
This natural, unlandscaped 5 km trail, located just south of Parksville, connects Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park with the Top Bridge Crossing, a pedestrian cyclist suspension bridge that crosses the Englishman River providing magnificent views.

One can take a rustic ramble from the sea-side to the woodsy river.  At Top Bridge take a break, sit on the rocks or have a welcome dip in the water on a hot sunny day.

Top Bridge Trail, inaugurated in 1999, is a lively junction of parks and nature conservation areas where visitors often stop to enjoy the view of Englishman River from the suspended bridge.

Top Bridge Park is the local’s favourite swimming hole where families and group of friends tend to spend their sunny afternoons cooling down and enjoying the fresh water.

The park also offers a specialized trail system for mountain bikers in seek of their adrenaline dose.

The park’s best-kept secret is the petroglyphs that, according to local historians, you can find by opening your eyes a tiny bit wider while you’re exploring down by the Englishman River. You could see at least three distinct First Nation carvings on the rocks, so get a little bit closer and pay attention to the amazing nature that surrounds you.  If you have kids and are looking to get them outside – the bridge and surrounding area make for a fun and adventurous outing!

Getting There

From the north:  Take Alberni Highway heading south, Hwy 4) off of 19A and take the first left after going under the overpass. Take the first left again on to Allsbrook Road and follow it down to its end. The gated road (open during the day) will take you to a parking lot. From there, follow the main trail to the suspension bridge. Various short trails on either side will also lead you to diverse swimming hole.

From the south:  Take the highway to the Parksville turnoff (exit 46)vand take the first left immediately (this goes under the overpass.  Continue past the stop sign, then turn right on Chattell Rd which will take you directly to the park.

Top Bridge Park has parking availability for on the south side for about 25 vehicles and a similar number for parking at the  north side.

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